Welcoming the New Year outside not your thing? Spend New Year’s eve with friends and family at the comforts of your home! Just don’t forget the drinks and games for a more exciting celebration.

In this article, we’ve listed the best 15 party ideas for you to have a blast in welcoming New Year 2016! Check them out below:

1. Start the night with a formal dinner.

If guests will likely arrive around 7PM, it’s best to start the party by serving delicious meals. Check out Martha Stewart’s simple and traditional meals. If your guests will be bringing their kids, prepare dishes that they’ll surely enjoy such as chicken drummettes.


2. Serve appetizers and finger foods.

The New Year house party will be filled with talks and catch-ups. Make sure you have enough appetizers and finger foods to serve. Visit JoCooks website for easy yet perfect appetizers.


3. Bring Your Own Appetizer (BYOA) Affair 

Or better yet, have your guests bring their own appetizers for everyone to share. Money Crashers suggest raw veggies or a fruit and nut platter for those who can’t cook.

4. Desserts shouldn’t be missed out!

Kids and adults both love the sweet treats. How about some cupcakes or cheesecakes for the night? Check out the dessert recipes of Taste of Home.

5. Set a theme.

The party will be a whole lot better if you have a theme for it – masquerade, ’80s or based on your favourite movie? This way, guests can be creative with their costumes!

6. Decorate accordingly.

Use decorations which are aligned with your theme. But if you’ve decided to go theme-less, check out Buzzfeed’s DIY ways.

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7. Christmas Atmosphere

Christmas may be over but the glittery and metallic ornaments will still look wonderful as decorations to your house party.

8. Decorate the ceiling.

Money Crashers suggest handmade paper snowflakes or curled ribbons from the ceiling for an iconic New Year party.

9. Relieve the past 12 months.

Ask guests to share their key moments and memories in 2015. Here’s some printable cards that’ll help you pull off the game.

10. Noisemaker Contest

Ask guests to bring their craziest noisemakers and don’t forget to shoot videos. For the big countdown, gather around and create your own symphonies.

11. Predictions for the New Year

Ask each guest to write predictions or resolutions and put it in a bowl. Read them each and guess who made such!

12. Take lots of photos.

Collect the evening’s wonderful memories.

13. Get creative with the Countdown.

Champagne night? Yes!

14. Don’t forget the midnight snacks.

Keep everybody awake, lively, and full this New Year’s eve.

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15. Have some midnight toast.

Impress your guests with these cocktail recipes. And when the clock strikes 12, say cheers to a Happy New Year!