The high-profile Sharon Philips cold case is back into the limelight once again. The siblings of the victim broke their silence for the first time in 27 years since the incident happened, urging police to investigate their father’s alibi on the night their sister disappeared.

In order to examine the siblings’ demands in the case, detectives will dig up a new section of the roadway in Ipswich that may hold critical evidence to Philip going missing, or potentially, her body. The retired investigator in Sharron’s suspected murder, Bob Dallow, strongly feels that the alibi is questionable and should be investigated.

There are more pieces of evidence to prove that the victim’s father was responsible for Sharron’s abduction. Bob’s wife Kay Dallow gave some spine-chilling accounts of how Sharron’s mother admitted under heavy sedation, “Bobby killed Sharron and put her in a box. And I want him to kill me and put me in a box too.”

Despite hundreds of leads since 1986 when the incident happened, Sharron’s body was never found and no one was charged connected to the case. As reported by Brisbane Times, the new excavation of a block of bushland next to the family home in Riverview might unearth new evidence.

The new search came up because of new information provided to the police, according to Detective Superintendant Damien Hansen. There are plans to dig up a section of roadway at Carole Park in a hunt for fresh clues to the case.

Sharron Philips was 20 at the time she went missing. Her yellow-colored Datsun Bluebird ran out of petrol at the Wacol Migrant Centre on Ipswich Road. Since it was 11pm at night, she called her boyfriend for help.

When quizzed, the late Bob Philips who died in August 2015 told a reporter, “I was picking one of our trucks up at Gilgandra (700 kilometers south of Brisbane, near Dubbo.