Content is crucial to the success of any business, and several studies concluded that the planning and implementation of an effective content strategy is what can make or break a company. A research team from Myessaywriting working in content writing service, mentions that dozens of companies lost profits due to ineffective content strategies.

A poor content marketing strategy has led to legendary marketing fails, and this can range from grammar and spelling mistakes to ad placement fails. If you find content that will position you as an authority in a certain field, this will bring you traffic to your website and awareness of your business. Why is your website so important for your business, you may ask. The Hinge B2B marketing agency did a research which showed that 80% of customers look at the company’s website before they make a purchasing decision.


Businesses that lost due to poor content marketing

Union Street Guest House is a small hotel in New York City which had a lot to lose over the dirty tactics to keep a solid reputation. The hotel was finning its guests $500 for any negative social media post or online review.  When the public found out about this, the hotel claimed it was just a joke, but it was already too late. Negative commentary and reviews can damage a company’s reputation, but fighting back with threats is what can bring your collapse. Therefore the hotel’s search rankings have plummeted.

Another good example is Global Village Duluth’s fail during the Martin Luther King Day. As they were trying to take advantage of the MLK Day, they decided to post on their Facebook page an offer for their customers saying ’25 percent off everything black.’  Unfortunately, this content marketing mistakes has made the store to lose many customers.

J.M. Smucker Company, which recently got the media attention with its stance against labeling genetically modified organisms, attracted many negative comments on its Facebook page. The company tried to take control over the situation and deleted all those comments, later on making the situation far worse saying that they were just repeated postings and spam. Their social media actions attracted many consumer calls to boycott the company.

Unique content marketing ideas

Companies, like, that produce high-quality, relevant content see increased traffic and ROI. One such example is Warby Parker, an American brand of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. They come up with informative and entertaining content that gets shared on various social media platforms. Here is an example of their top performing piece of content.

They found a unique way with their frames quiz to entertain customers and increase traffic to their page. At the same time, the company’s collections pages are aesthetically pleasing and customer friendly.

Focus on quality

The world-famous companies, Rolex, is one of the few brands that could go hundreds of years without having to change as its image is built on a timeless and reliable classic. So how could they have an innovative and fresh content marketing strategy, for an old-fashioned brand?  What they did was to post beautiful product image on their social media accounts, giving a high curated feel. Their pictures, videos and editorials are minimalist and sleek, and they appeal to a certain type of customer. Therefore the company treats its content with the same appreciation and attention for quality that Rolex customers would expect from its products.

Provide endless inspiration

The Random House publishing company proved that it knows its customers. They a wide variety of content, both their own and stuff that inspires them, making the audience feel included in the company’s creative process. The main point is to create and share content that connects with your audience.

Create a universal and personal experience at the same time

The feeling of sipping from a bottle of cold Coca-Cola on a hot day is universal. But thanks to smart content marketing, the company managed to make this feeling personal too, though their Share-a-Coke campaign. What they did is to make each of their customers feel unique by printing individual names on their bottles and cans, so that each customer could identify with the product. What Coca-Cola with this shareable and unique experience was, in fact, inspiring the audience to do the marketing for them. Thousands of people posted pictures on Instagram or Facebook with them holding Coca-Cola bottles with their names on it.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, content marketing is vital to any business, and a small mistake can ruin what you have tried to achieve in years of hard work. Learn from the best companies that master the secrets of amazing content, but also from the mistakes of those that ruined their reputation.