The first look at Spider-Man’s (played by Tom Holland) appearance in “Captain America: Civil War” has finally been revealed. It wasn’t a secret that Spider-Man will appear in Civil War. We knew he was coming.

However, the wait to see the adored character in action has been quite unbearable. The appearance was brief.

The web slinger’s suit enjoys high reputation and concern from the fans. In a few seconds of the trailer, you can take a quick look at the design of the suit.

The good-old Spider-Man’s costume was uncovered as a “basic and classic look.” It was a simple spandex costume complementing the superhero’s big white eyes.

The suit had no concoction of the old markings or inspirations of the Under Armour designs, says Stuff.

The appearance signaled the commencement of Spider-Man’s crucial role in intervening into the fight between the opposing superheroes—Captain America and Iron Man.

According to the storyline of the Civil War comics, the web slinger started off on Iron Man’s side. But how close the movie will stick to the source material is still a mystery that remains to be solved.

There have been thoughts and talks that Marvel would hold off the act of disclosing the new web slinger until the movie’s release. Some fans are reasonably worried that the trailer killed the surprises before it could hit them as it used to, says Vox.

While Marvel decided to give us a flavour of the new Spider-Man and his role shrouded in mystery, the question of the moment is why a masked superhero would join the fight for more regulation.

The new trailer reveals some of the conflicts that will take place between the two men of power. It says that Tony Stark wants to keep people safe while Steve is more inclined towards their freedom.

All shall be given away on April 28 when Captain America: Civil War knocks theatres.