Sony hasn’t totally confirmed this yet, but there is evidence online that they have been working on an even more powerful PlayStation 4 (PS4) that can support Ultra HD Graphics. The said information will be still considered a rumor until Sony comments on it.

However, Kotaku and Eurogamer have backed this information up. They said that the new PS4 can handle higher-end gaming and will include virtual reality. This new system is proud to flaunt enhanced graphics and power and will exist the same time as the latest PS4.

The new system will still carry PS4 games so there’s no need to buy those games again. The PS4 owners would be forced to upgrade to the new model if they want to experience the new graphics and processing power the new console has to offer. There is, however, a big possibility that this latest model will share the same software catalog. But since it will be more likely backwards and forwards compatible, we don’t have to worry about the PS4 getting outdated anytime soon. The sources say that the new console will be officially announced in October as they launch the PlayStation VR.

The console is referred to as the PS4 4K, where 4k means 3840 pixels × 2160. No pricing has been revealed yet. Ultra-High Definition seems to be going overboard but if you love playing games at a level that everything is crisp and clear, you might want to consider getting the console. The PS4 4K paired with a TV with 4K resolution would be absolute eye candy. Sony may not be alone in releasing new

Sony may not be alone in releasing new hardware though; Xbox will also be releasing something similar anytime soon. “You’ll actually see us come out with new hardware capability during a generation allowing the same games to run backward and forward compatible.” Xbox Officer Phil Spencer said.