Technology is omnipresent and has become an integral part of our lives. With all the latest trends in technology, life is getting all the more comfortable. From the wheel to a host of other advancements the intent has never changed – Making life easier.

However recently a report on CNN Money, talks about the Altwork, a convertible workstation that has a special adjustable chair with plenty of head support along with an adjustable desk surface attached to a right angled arm, basically this chair would allow you to work in a range of positions. The monitor and laptop are firmly secured to metal arms and lies right above you when you lie in a sleeping position so there’s no fear of the device falling over you. The Keyboard and mouse stick to the inverted desk surface with magnets. “The company will begin selling its workstations today for an “early adopter” price of $3,900. The regular retail price will be $5,900,”notes Wired.

We are all aware of the harmful after-effects caused due to prolonged sitting at work so in that case this chair is right here to rescue you from the troubles of ill health. With all the fancy description mentioned above it makes us believe that this product is surely worth the cost. According to Telegraph, “the company behind it, Californian start-up Altwork, says it is aiming the station at “high intensity” computer users, and says it has spent five years building the device.”

The Altwork’s desk is pretty huge in size and is not really apt for a tiny work place. But the huge size is something we would expect due to the multiple qualities the product possesses.

“Altwork’s cofounder and CEO Che Voigt hopes people will actually change their position a lot more frequently with the adjustable desk,” notes CNN Money

What do you guys think about the Altwork creation? Share your thoughts below.