The Nintendo NX has been a subject of many rumors recently. Apparently, many people are excited to see the console in the flesh. There are some leaks online but not so much on how it looks. The leaks claim that the said machine is more powerful than its Sony counterpart, the PS4. This was posted in

The detail was posted in a NX reddit forum. The thread has been swarmed with other Redditors and there might have been some wrong information in the poster’s original comments that could prove it wrong. The original poster may have been wrong or doesn’t know the specs too well.

The rumors have been circulating these past few months and new updates continue to surface that Nintendo has lessened Wii U production this year. Wii U has really lost its touch as its sales continue to plummet down. The Wii U offered almost the same power as the Xbox 360 and PS3 but there is no reason that the Nintendo NX can’t compete with the power of the Xbox One and PS4. Nintendo has been known to build small, simple systems with great hardware performing almost the same as its rivals.

This means that the Wii U has roughly the same performance as the previous generations consoles with some small differences. The small design differences have decided the winners and its only main advantage is the motion controllers which made it unique (the Xbox One and PS4 has caught up with that advantage and sells motion sensors now too). The Nintendo NX has been a great local multiplayer past time, though.

The Nintendo NX has now emphasized on its power to catch up with its competition. The company wanted to create a console will help it stand out from the rest, but we hope to see them compatible with HDTVs with higher resolution and great detail as soon as it launches in the market.