With Lenovo having acquired Motorola, fans will be introduced to the Moto-branded devices.  It appears that an image of an upcoming flagship from the company may have been leaked.

According to report on Tech Radar, an image of a prototype has been leaked and it has given a glimpse into what can be expected from the company’s flagship that may be released this year. The leak suggests that the handset has been codenamed,”Moto Infinity” and shows-off a button on the bottom-bezel which would be the home-button and probably also double up as a fingerprint scanner.

Fans may recollect that the company has produced devices with fingerprint scanners in the past, but a front-facing one will be the first for the company. If this does happen to materialize, then it  would be interesting to see how well the change is received by Motorola loyalists. Many users may feel that having a fingerprint scanner on the back works best.

As noted by Droid Life, the handset features the trademark Motorola “M” logo on the top-left of the device. Reportedly, the smarphone also features a USB Type-C port. The other two features clearly visible in the image happen to be the front-facing camera as well as the front-facing speaker grille. Earlier reports had revealed that the Moto brand, which would stand for the more high-end devices, would definitely be featuring a finger-print scanner and would possess at least a 5-inch display.

The image also suggests that the front-facing speakers may have been done away with and this may probably not be appreciated by audiophiles out there, who preferred this particular feature on Motorola devices. It’s a wait and watch game now as more details come forward that will throw light on what to exactly expect when it comes to the company’s 2016 flagship.

Keep coming back for more rumours, speculations and updates on the flagships gearing up to arrive in 2016.