Kim Kardashian’s recent Instagram selfie with Mert Alas is quite the bomb, setting social media on fire. Fans, after viewing two selfies that had Kardashian and Alas with face pouts, went hysteric.

Alas also posted a selfie, captioned with: “My driver for the day.” Kardashian’s selfie was titled as “Love when my boo is in town.”

On April 2015, another photo on Instagram shows Miley Cyrus and Alas lip-locked. This took place after Cyrus broke up with her then-boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger, says J-14.

L O V E @mileycyrus

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Mert Alas captioned the pic, “L O V E @mileycyrus.”

The selfie posted by Alas had several comments from shocked fans. These fans were asking mostly about Kardashian’s marital status.

“Kim aren’t you married to Kanye? “Said theonlyrobydaniels. Similar comments were made by other fans who also called Kardashian by names like “bitch,” “c**t.”

Comments asking whether Kardashian is dating Alas also came up within the comments. A comment asked Alas to choose a “better celebrity” as Kardashian is “awful.”

Fans have also directed comments to Kanye West, telling him to move on with a better life if “she leaves him for this piece of s**t [Alas].” One of them wrote that West is going to get back at Alas for this.

Love when my boo is in town @mertalas ❤️💥

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Alas is a Turkish fashion photographer, who works with Wales born photographer Marcus Piggott. Alas used to work in the field of classical music before becoming a photographer.

A fan’s comment on the selfie also said that Kardashian hates Turkish men.

Both of them are known for their portraits of sophisticated and powerful women. According to the duo, they care a lot about appearances.

According to New Yorker, Alas is short, jovial and with a “husky laugh.” In the field of photography, Alas’ ideas revolve around the glamour of things.

However, many fans have also pointed out that Alas is “openly gay.”