Donald Trump won the New Hampshire primaries while Ted Cruz, who won the Republican caucuses in Iowa, finished at the third position. Marco Rubio, who gave tough competition to Trump in Iowa, finished at the fifth position.

One GOP candidate who showed huge progress in New Hampshire was John Kasich. The Ohio governor, who finished at the second spot at the primaries, had got 1.9 percent votes with only one delegate in Iowa. He finished at the eighth position there.

New Hampshire should boost Kasich’s morale, but nobody should be happier than Trump. The real estate mogul, who suffered a shocking defeat in Iowa, stamped his first victory in the election season.

With 32 percent results coming in, Trump got 30,768 votes with nine delegates, amassing 34 percent of the total number of votes. His nearest rival, Kasich, was far behind with 14,121 votes with 16 percent votes. Nobody else, except Trump, managed to get any delegate, Fox News reported.

Trump, who has never run for office, was part of a reality show on television until 2014. His victory, added with upsetting results for a number of Republican candidates in New Hampshire, should change the equation inside the party.

Trump, an “outsider,” won it for the Republicans.

Meanwhile, another “outsider” Bernie Sanders won it for the Democrats. While Trump managed to beat governors and senators, Sanders emphatically defeated a former secretary of state and first lady of the United States. The New Hampshire results exposed an air of anti-establishment surrounding the 2016 US presidential campaign.

Early exit poll results revealed that Republicans were unhappy with their party, according to CNN. Around two-thirds made their decision after recent debates.

Trump was far ahead of his GOP rivals in almost all countries including Albany, Alexandria, Antrim, Ashland, Barnstead and Belmont. He was equally supported by both males and females. 34 percent of male voters backed him, while 29 percent females believed in him.

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