The confirmation of “New Girl” Season 6 was indeed good news for the fans of Fox’s longest running live-action comedy series. There’s more to cheer about the show as sources reveal the comeback of a series favourite along with exciting cameos by famous celebrities.

Megan Fox returns to the show as temporary roomie Reagan Lucas, E! News revealed. Megan Fox also confirmed her return to the show while at the recent CinemaCon, Just Jared wrote. The two-part finale of Season 5 also features Fox. E! News revealed that Nick got less-than-suave when Reagan actually showed up at Schmidt and Cece’s wedding, although he did invite her to be his date.

Jess awkwardly attempts to get her up to date on what’s happened since she was last in town. However, Reagan revealed she was well aware of their activities since she gets daily texts from Nick. “Oh, I know. He texts me every day,” Reagan told Jess.

“New Girl” achieved a milestone with the broadcast of its 100th episode last March, E! News reported then. It also ushered in the new friendship between Jess and Reagan. The show brought in Fox during Season 5 to pinch hit for lead star Zooey Deschanel who, at the time, was on maternity leave, TV Line recalled.

Meanwhile, Deschanel sat down with Conan O’Brien recently and shared a bit of trivia about Prince’s appearance on “New Girl” in 2014, Vanity Fair reported. Other celebrities also shared their weird experiences with Prince. However, this particular revelation stands out as it involves the Kardashians. As it turns out, the “Purple Rain” star made an explicit request to the production and that is, no Kardashians.

O’Brien asked Deschanel about an alleged party scene that Prince would host on the episode. The production had invited some celebrities to take part and Khloe Kardashian, along with Kris Jenner, came to shoot a cameo. But when news that Prince didn’t want any Kardashians at the “party,” the P.A.s quickly gathered any evidence the reality stars were there and proceeded to burn scripts and call sheets.

Deschanel admitted she felt bad for everyone since they went out of their way to be there. However, “Prince was the running the show,” she revealed. However, given recent events, would now be a good time to get the Kardashians for “New Girl” Season 6?