“New Girl” Season 5 will soon culminate with episode 21 entitled “Wedding Eve” and episode 22 entitled “Landing Gear.” Here are 5 big things for you to watch out for the show’s two-part finale.

1. In “Wedding Eve,” Nick and Winston apparently helps Schmidt rewrite his wedding vows, Spoiler TV wrote.

2. In the same episode, Jess fears a proposal from Sam and she decides to round up everyone for a game of “True American” as a means to prevent him from doing so.

Also, Damon Wayans Jr., Megan Fox, and Peter Gallagher will all return to “New Girl” in episode 21, TV Line revealed.

3. Movie News Guide hinted that Coach (played by Damon Wayans Jr.) would be wearing a “bottle-cap” crown and a cape resembling the American flag. Hence, the publication surmised he was the likely winner of Jess’ game.

4. Megan Fox reprises her role as Reagan, Nick’s former lover, the publication wrote. Nick bought several burner phones in his attempt to invite Reagan to Cece and Schmidt’s wedding yet in the end, she rejected him.

Fox eliminated actor Jake Johnson as a possible baby daddy candidate of her third child through a guessing game in a previous report.

5. In episode 22 called “Landing Gear,” Schmidt might not make it to his own wedding day. The season finale promo revealed everyone would likely make it to the ceremony. However, Schmidt is stuck on the airport tarmac seated next to a pregnant woman on the plane.

On the other hand, Yibada earlier wrote that Cece’s mom would not approve of Cece’s choice for a husband that’s why Schmidt made a desperate final attempt to convince her to come.

Fox also confirmed the renewal of “New Girl” for a sixth season, Release Date reported in April. The comedy series is the network’s longest-running live-action comedy series, the publication described.

“New Girl” averaged a 1.7 rating for Season 5 among adults in the 18-49 age group that accounts for 3.6 million viewers, Variety revealed.