The Ford Mustang, which was just released a few hours earlier, has already been sold out even before customers have taken it for a test drive. 500 fans of the popular car will receive early Christmas presents with the cars docking to Melbourne today.

Four thousand Australians have placed deposits on the iconic American muscle car despite the cost which is $45,000 and $65,000. Australia has out shun the United Kingdom (as we have ordered twice the number of cars) even though their car market is three times the size of Australia.

Ford’s executive in Detroit were worried about the car not making profit because it is a right hand drive exclusively manufactured for overseas markets. Previous Mustang’s sold in Australia from the 1960’s to 2000’s were all converted to right hand drives as this is the law in Australia, whereas in the United States all cars are left hand drive.

Interested car buyers get to choose the type of Mustang they want:  convertible or fastback. The fastback makes up 88% of the cars already sold. There will be three more shiploads of Ford Mustang stocks due to arrive within the next three days so customers who weren’t able to get their hands on the initial stock will still have the chance to own one. These shipments will arrive at Appletons’s dock in Melbourne.

3AW’s journalist, Tom Elliott is very excited about the new Ford release. “I’ve got to tell you this is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever bought…I probably won’t even drive it that much because I don’t drive very much. I just love the look of it” he said  in an interview.

Similar to the Holden Commodore in terms of performance and price, the Mustang has become a popular replacement for police pursuit drivers. For the Holden fans however, will have to wait another five years before they can get a Chevrolet Camaro locally.

The Mustang might just soon take the ‘Most Sports Cars Sold in America’ title with its current 113,607 car sold while Chevrolet has only sold 72,136 Camaros.