Just when you thought your experience with “Fallout 4” cannot get any more interesting after exploring the games’s many aspects, a new discovery lands in your lap.

This time, a newly-released mod lets “Fallout 4” players add a little bit more of color and change of scenery to their gaming experience.

Kotaku reports of a new “Fallout 4” for PC mod that lets players experience actual seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. The website shares a video from YouTuber hodilton which shows the seasons mod in action. You can check out how the mod works below:

Meanwhile, GameSpot details that the creator of the mod is GameDuchess, a member of Nexusmods. The website reveals that GameDuchess explained that a drawback of installing the seasons mod is experiencing a drop in frame rate. The creator also does not have any plans of optimizing the game anytime soon because “the files are as balanced between performance and quality as possible.”

GameSpot relays the official description of the seasons as follows:

  • Fall Season – Bright autumn foliage and plants. Harvest time looks for appropriate crops.
  • Winter Season – It’s snow everywhere folks! And “snowing” too if you like. Most everything is dead or dried out or slumbering.
  • Spring Season – Quite colorful! Green time for crops, and bright blooming flowers and plants!
  • Summer Season – Less bright greens, few flowers, harvest time looks for appropriate crops

The website also reports that GameDuchess may go back to work on creating an optional mod that will allow an automatic switch between seasons.

On another note, IGN reports that another modder, Girlplaysgame, has been able to recreate the city of Columbia from Bioshock Infinite into “Fallout 4”. The website details that the modder used “Fallout 4’s” settlement creation tools and her own Bioshock painting mod to achieve the effect.

You can check that mod in action in the video below:

New discoveries in the world of “Fallout 4” is definitely not fading away anytime soon.