A two-day-old baby was discovered on the doorstep of a home in the town of Griffith in south-western New South Wales. The baby, in a pink cloth bassinet, was found by the residents outside their house.

Police said that the residents found the baby, after they answered the doorbell, just before midnight on Sunday.

After taking the baby to Griffith Base Hospital for examination, it was believed that the baby was born on Friday morning.

“The baby is well, normal and healthy,” a spokeswoman from Murrumbidgee local health district said.

Police are anxious about the mother, who according to them is a teenager. They have urged the mother to come forward, according to News Corp.

Earlier, there had been a discovery of a dead baby on a beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, who came to be known as Lily Grace.

This made New South Wales Deputy State Coroner Hugh Dillon to propose the introduction of “baby boxes” and safe haven laws for the security of endangered and “desperate” mothers and their children.

Dillon said at an inquest hearing on February 10 that, despite thorough, detailed and “impressive” police investigation, the identity and the cause surrounding her death remained unknown.

“The death of Lily Grace is mysterious, distressing and indeed confronting,” he said. “At present we can only speculate about the circumstances.”

According to Dillon, the investigation had generated good publicity, which is somewhat optimistic as someone might come forward and answer the questions.

According to The Guardian, Dillon was scornful of the society that is capable of humiliating mothers who abandon their children, while describing the behaviour as “harsh, unjust, uncaring and ultimately counter-productive.”

The new-born, who was found on the doorstep of the house in New South Wales, is now in the care of Family and Community Services.