Android is certainly keeping up with its competitors with the emoji game.

The Verge reports that Google is introducing an updated bunch of new emojis and some redesigned ones. The introduction is in time with the company rolling out its new line of Nexus phones and tablets.

The website points out that many of these emojis have already been out on iOS and Windows 10 devices earlier in the year so Google’s new list is still at the catch-up stage. The Verge also highlights that despite the Android update, it is noticeable that multi-racial emojis are yet to be seen–a feature that has already been supported on iPhones and iPads with iOS 9.1.

Meanwhile, ARS Technica offers a complete list of the updated and entirely new emojis, as well as their illustrations. The comprehensive list organized by the website on tabular form shows the 6.0.1 update and how it looks for the 6.0 version. Among the notable emojis include a friendlier graphic for a pile of poo, a somewhat startled robot face and a poor-looking emoji with a head-bandage.

ARS Technica’s list not only includes smiley and face emojis. Instead, its tabular break down also include hand gesture emojis, food, weather, and other items. The section on hand gesture emojis so a major contrast between the update for the 6.0 version and the 6.0.1.

You can check out the website and visit their full list here.

On the other hand, GSM Arena reports that the .0.1 may not a big release update but this is the version that allows support for dozens of new emojis which are part of the Unicode 8.0 specification.

Other updates that rolled out with the 6.0.1 version aside from the emojis are some small tweaks. According to GSM Arena, one change is the re-arrangement of navigation buttons (Back and Home) which have been moved slightly to the left edge of the screen.

It appears that through the new update, emojis are becoming more and more integral to mobile communication.