Voracious readers currently planning to get their hands on an Amazon Kindle should take a look at what Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently shared.

Bezos took to his Twitter account to share the happy news that the eighth-generation kindle is “almost ready” And with more details expected to arrive just next week, holding out to hear what’s in store would be a good idea.

As noted by Digital Trends, so far we have witnessed the arrival of a total of nine kindles with the latest one being the Kindle Paperwhite 2015. The first ever Kindle made its presence felt in 2007 and whether you have been a fan since, or have only recently acquired the latest edition, it will be interesting to see what upgrades the eighth-generation will bring.

Also, don’t overlook the words “top of the line.”  Given that the 2014 Kindle Voyage followed by Kindle Paperwhite 2015 has managed to charm many, it amps up the anticipation on what’s coming next.

As for those who owned some of the older Kindle variants, they had to recently install an update before March 22, failing which users would not be able to employ the service. The device would be unable to access the store or download Kindle books from Cloud or use any other service.

But even if you haven’t updated your device yet, there is no need to worry. The update which expired last March 22 is for automatic update but for those who have missed it, you can still do the update manually. This would involve downloading the correct software on their computer and connecting the Kindle to the PC and following instructions. It is noteworthy that users with 2013 Kindles or after would not be required to install the update.

There are no further details on the upcoming Amazon Kindle and it is not known at this time whether we will only hear the announcement next week or will be a launch. Keep watching this space for more!