While there are already a handful of Linux distributions that can breathe life into old PC hardware, there are still those that go through several of them just to check what fits their bill. On the other hand, Neverware has been in the business to bring Chromium OS, Google’s open-source version of the Chrome OS, a breeze to setup on any PC. Now, the company adds dual-booting capabilities for your further convenience.

Branded as CloudReady, the fork of Chromium OS by Neverware is very easy to install even on dated PC hardware, allowing tinkers to use even their old netbooks and desktops with a user-friendly operating system. What’s more, it even comes with Chrome OS’ management console, enabling quick equipment deployment for different sectors.

Neverware has already made huge waves in schools and small and medium-sized businesses or SMBs, but anyone can still try it for free should they wish to. Now that it also comes with dual-booting capabilities, it’s a more attracting operating system to install on dated hardware.

Back then, installing CloudReady would mean formatting the hard drive entirely and wiping the previous operating system installed in it. Now, the company’s latest update eliminates that need to give users more flexibility when choosing operating systems. However, it requires PCs that can use UEFI boot mode, and at least 32GB of free hard drive space.

Once the installation finishes, users will then be able to boot into an interface that’s similar to the ever familiar Chrome OS, and there’s also the very same web app selections from the Chrome Web Store. Users can also enjoy Chrome OS features such as automatic updates and quick boot up times.

There are also a variety of operating systems that anyone can try on dated hardware. There’s Jide’s Remix OS that combines the Android experience and the Windows UI, and there’s also Puppy Linux that can run on virtually any hardware.