The wait has been quite long indeed but the day is finally here when Netflix arrives in Middle East, Europe and Asia.

According to a report on TechRadar, Netflix has made its way into India as well as 130 other new markets. With this, the video streaming service has now become available in a total of 190 countries. The first thing that many would have probably done would be to check out how the service is priced in their region.

As for India, the plan includes: Basic, Standard and Premium. The Basic pack begins at Rs.500 a month for streaming on one screen, while the Standard pack costs Rs.650 monthly for two simultaneous streams. The Premium pack includes 4K content with support for 4 screens at a monthly price of Rs.800. To begin with, a month of free HD trial pack is offered when registering on the service.

As far as India is concerned, the country already has a few video streaming services which are doing fairly well. There is no denying that the arrival of Netflix, which is priced quite similarly as it is in the US, is going to disrupt the markets. And given that people all over the world have been eagerly awaiting for the service to come to their country, as is evident from the Twitter trends of the day, Netflix may well just reign supreme in regions across the different countries.

Director content acquisition for Netflix, Chitavan Pandya Patel, shared with The Indian Express, “We are working with content creators in India to add more Bollywood titles, and also Indie local films. We are working on expanding licensing rights in India to add more variety of content, across languages.”

In the keynote address the company revealed that popular Netflix series such as “Orange is The New Black” and “House of Cards” won’t be available in markets where it doesn’t have distribution rights. Folks in India should keep their fingers crossed if they want to see these series.