Australia’s elite net ball players scored a landmark victory in the recently concluded agreement between the Australian Netball Players’ Association, Netball Australia and the eight clubs of the new national netball league. Australia’s netball honchos announced today an unprecedented Netball Australia pay deal that covers 80 players of the new national league.

“The record pay deal will witness our national league sportswomen retaining their status of being the highest paid athletes in this country,” according to Marne Fechner, deputy chief executive of Netball Australia.

Total payment pool amounting to $5.4 million. A large chunk of the payment pool for every club amounting to $500,000 is allocated for retainer payments. Up to $150,000 is for above-board employment, schooling and/or ambassador roles. The rest of the payments comprise allowances for health insurance as well as technology.

Increase in the average salary of league players. Each of the clubs will spend up to $675,000 for the 10 contracted players on its list. The cap last year was only $270,000. Every athlete, therefore, is going to receive an average pay of $67,500 this time.

Increase in minimum pay. Netballers will expect to receive twice the former minimum wage. From only $13,250.00, the minimum pay is going to be $27,375.

The new pay deal also covers additional breakthrough conditions on top of the league’s player payments.

Opportunity for other work and/or education. The new league athletes will be contracted on a 12-month part-time basis with an average of 20 hours every week. The hours in between 10 a.m and 4 p.m are going to be protected so that every athlete will have the opportunity for extra work and/or schoolwork.

Parental Care Policy. All league players with very young children will be entitled to parental care policy. This means that the clubs will be spending for children below 12 months of age and a nanny so these players can bring them along to the games.

Additional benefits of the Netball Australia pay deal include private health insurance coverage of up to $1,500/year for every player and an income protection of 100 percent on total earnings to a maximum of two years in case of pregnancy or injury.