Rescuers have found the missing Tara Air flight Crashed in the jungle, the local media reports confirmed.

Local police further stated that there appeared to be no survivors in the plane.  Civil Aviation Minister Anand Prasad Pokhrel said that the Tara Air aircraft was scattered across a 200 metres wide area. The plane was found crashed at a forest in Soli Ghoptebhir of Myagdi district, reported Kathmandu Post. It took the authorities four hours of intense search and rescue operation.

Army spokesperson Brigadier General Tara Bahadur Karki said that there was very little chance of anyone aboard the aircraft to survive. He confirmed that a team of Nepal army reached the crash site and also found the wing and tail section of the aircraft. Nevertheless, a search is still going on to locate the fuselage, where the passengers are located.

Bishwa Raj Khadka, Myagdi district DSP, said that the plane was totally destroyed by fire. Police constable Phool Kumar Thapa Magar who was among the people to reach the crash site first, informed that it was situated in a very dangerous terrain and the debris was scattered across 200 metres wide radius.

He said, “the plane was on fire and it is still burning.”

Nabin Khadka a local who reached the crash site also confirmed that the aircraft was burning when they reached the place.

According to Hindustan times, all the people aboard were confirmed dead. Harihari Yogi, a police official reported that the bodies of the passengers were charred. He also informed that it appeared that the plane had directly flown into the mountain.

The Twin Otter plane took off from Pokhara, a resort town which is situated 125 miles west of Kathmandu. It was heading north to Jomsom which is a popular trekking destination. Only small planes can fly the route as it goes between mountains.

Aircraft crash is not new to the country as there were numerous air disasters in Nepal in recent years.  Inexperienced pilots, inadequate maintenance and pitiable management are some of the causes behind these crashes.