Tyler is about to sabotage his brother’s romance on “Neighbours” tonight.

Tyler Brennan learns that Paige Smith is not ready to settle down and have children, so he sets up his brother, Mark, to fall for it, RadioTimes wrote.

Aaron confronts Tyler about his attempts to sabotage Paige and Mark’s relationship.

Elsewhere, Terese suspects her daughter, Piper, of deliberately breaking the “Piper Jar” that contains their family memories.

She asks Brad to help her talk to Piper and the estranged couple were able to make some progress with their child. Brad then mentions that they have to settle their financial affairs as part of the separation. Terese handles Brad’s suggestion graciously, but realization also comes to her that their marriage is about to end.

Steph has a mysterious friend who arrived to warn her that her stay in Erinsborough will end badly.

Next week, lives will be in danger when Erinsborough High is engulfs by fire, DigitalSpy reported.

As the fire spreads, Tyler asks Paige to admit she has feelings for him. When Paige finally did, smoke overwhelms Tyler and he passes out. The two are trapped in a lift.

Mark bravely endures the blaze to bring Paige and Tyler to safety.

Terese, on the other hand, is searching for Piper when a massive explosion rocks the school corridor and lockers fall, pinning her and Lauren to the ground.

Brad arrives and decides to carry Lauren out, leaving Terese injured on the floor as the fire draws closer. Terese feels devastated with Brad’s decision to save Lauren from the blaze before her. Will Terese survive the fire or will she ever forgive her husband if she ever did?

What will Mark find about the school fire? Was the fire an accident or someone started it?  Does Steph has something to do with it?

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