Steph Scully and Belinda Bell’s onscreen romance didn’t really last long. By the time “Neighbours 2016” rolled around, Belinda has left the neighborhood and Steph has moved on to someone else. However, will all this change when Belinda returns? Do these former lovers still have feelings left for each other? Will Steph really leave her current boyfriend, Mark Brennan, for Belinda?

Steph has been part of the long running soap since 1999. She left Erinsborough a decade later only to return with her then girlfriend, Belinda. The two of them did go through a lot while Steph was away. Belinda was actually the psychiatric nurse who helped Steph throughout her hospital stay. Could their shared history bring them back together?

Below, we round up all the Steph-related “Neighbours 2016” spoilers you should know ahead of next week’s episodes.

If Digital Spy’s report proves to be correct, Belinda and Steph will indeed kiss. However, things aren’t as simple as they seem. Belinda will  actually return to Erinsborough this week to plot against Steph and Mark. She isn’t alone in this “twisted scheme,” though. Paul Robinson is also scheming to try and break Steph and Mark up.

According to the report, Paul and Belinda’s plan would work at first. Belinda would show up at Steph’s place with flowers and wine. They would reminisce about their past, and Belinda would go in for the kiss. And, to make matters worse for Steph, her son Charlie would even witness the whole thing.

However, Steph and Belinda shippers among the audience should not rejoice just yet. Digital Spy did point Steph’s reluctance out. She would reportedly even throw Belinda out and try to do “damage control.” She would even come clean to Mark and assure him of their future. But will Mark really take all this well? Fans will have to tune in next Tuesday to find out.

Meanwhile, another Erinsborough teen will catch her mother flirting this week. In a separate report, Digital Spy said Piper Willis will catch her mom Terese with “Neighbours” newcomer Ryan Prescott.

“Neighbours 2016” returns this week on Channel 5 with all new episodes.