Erinsborough might look like your typical Australian suburb on the outside. However, as all true Neighbours fans from Down Under and beyond know, trouble’s always stirring on Ramsay Street.

Secrets abound in the long running soap opera. Someone’s always hiding a secret. Someone’s always doing something either illicit or not entirely legal. Someone’s always hooking up with someone else. Someone’s past will always catch up to them. What fresh controversy does Neighbours have in store for fans before the month ends?

The series returns with all new episodes in the final week of July. If the report from Radio Times proves correct, a character’s past will indeed catch up to them next week. In addition, a shocking hook up will take place.

According to the news site, everyone will finally find out about Amy’s secret past. At first, Paul will try to prevent the local paper, West Waratah Star, from publishing any story about Amy and her shameful secret.

Paul’s efforts will prove futile, though. The newspaper will still go ahead with the scoop since their new editor, Tim Collins, isn’t exactly a big fan of hers.

The published report will bring Amy a lot of shame next week. However, she would instead focus on trying to prevent Jimmy from reading the report about her secret.

Meanwhile, Tyler will rebuff all of Piper’s attempts to win him back after their break up. He will then hook up with Paige at a party.

How will Paige react to Tyler’s hook up with Paige? Will Amy be successful in keeping Jimmy in the dark about her past? Radio Times kept mum about these details. Fans would have to stay tuned to the episodes from Monday and Tuesday to find out.

Next week, Neighbours will return on Channel 5 with all new episodes. Can’t get enough of these spoilers? Do you want to know what happens on Ramsay Street next before the new episode even airs? Stay tuned to this space for more details.