All you “Neighbours” fans. Here is what will happen in episodes starting today to Tuesday, February 9. Spoiler alert! Lyn Scully will be in town and a wedding might result in chaos.

This week, from February 1 to 5, we will see drama between Lyn and Paul. Radiotimes reports that while Lyn takes Paul to task, the latter realises that the shares he transferred to Lyn as a wedding gift are actually worth a lot. Paul will try everything to get his hands on them while Lyn suspects something fishy. Lyn has already put them in a trust for Steph and when Steph discovers its value, she contemplates investing in Paul’s business. Will Paul be successful in getting back those shares?

Then there’s Kyle and Xanthe, the siblings, who have their first real conversation when Kyle tells the latter that she is not wanted. Xanthe’s first day at Erinsborough High is just bad, but she finds a friend in Piper. While Amy and Kyle sort their relationship problems, Piper decides that Tyler is an immature jerk.

Then there is Paige who has dumped the stolen goods in a charity bin and is now regretting it. When she returns to move them, she is horrified to find the bin empty. According to Digital Spy, it’s Michelle Kim who has framed Paige of being in possession of stolen goods. Will this ruin Paige and Mark’s wedding?

Mark comes to know at the police station that evidence is linking Paige to a spate of robberies and that she might be called in for questioning. Overwhelmed with this new information, Mark tries to go for a walk, only to stumble upon his own wedding congregation. Mark obviously didn’t get the message.

What will Mark decide? Will he marry Paige or will he choose his responsibilities as a police officer over his love? Stay tuned.