Jeremy Kewley has pleaded guilty to 19 charges such as indecent acts with a child under 16, indecent assault, and making and possessing child pornography. Police raided the star’s residence and recovered disturbing photos and tapes as evidence. Kewley has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced in May.

Kewley, who was popular for his roles in “The Devil’s Playground,” “Neighbours,” Bastard Boys,” and “McLeod’s Daughters,” was arrested in 2014 for child sex offences, reveals The Age.

According to Sky News, Jeremy Kewley admitted and attributed his criminal behaviour to his own selfish pleasure. He also revealed his remorse at his behaviour. “I am appalled by the way I exploited them,” he said. “My apologies to you all,” he added while being led into custody.

According to Con Heliotis, QC, Kewley’s defense counsel, the actor did not realise the impact of his actions on the victims. “He believed he could get away with a lot of this without hurting the victim,” Heliotis told the judge. “He believed the concealment of his behaviour within the script meant the victims wouldn’t realise they were being exploited,” he added.

Kewley lured his victims who were 9 to 14 years of age under the pretext of a screen test. According to, he dressed his victims in lycra and filmed them at his Brighton home while the parents waited downstairs. He would then touch the victims inappropriately while wrestling, strangling as well as kissing them. The publication further reports that Kewley would zoom in on the boys’ genitals that appeared enhanced after he had modified their costumes.

He committed the crimes over a 22-year period from 1989 and 2011. However, informs that during the 22 years, there was a time when he did not commit the acts. Despite the quiet period, many of his 16 victims were assaulted in 2011.