After losing Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) at the later part of Season 13, what’s up for NCIS in its next Season? Obviously, major changes are up in NCIS Season 14.

The CBS staple tested a couple of characters to help conclude the last season as well possibly to take DiNozzo’s place with the team. Some cast shakeups are reportedly taking place with Duane Henry promoted to series regular. If you remember, Henry joined NCIS as guest star in Season 13.  Wilmer Valderrama and Jennifer Esposito are two other actors who are set to join the cast as series regulars as well.  So that would be one character out and three new ones in.

There will be discussions about Tony when NCIS Season 14 debuts on screen. However, fans should not expect that the team members left behind are going to dwell on his absence.  According to Glasberg, the focus will be about moving forward and trying to establish the new team. Gibbs will want his new team to be the strongest and the best as they can be, and he is all about that from the moment he appears on screen.

It seems we’ll be seeing more of former MI-6 officer Clayton Reeves this Season. Obviously, officer Reeves and the CBS crowd have taken to each other.  On the other hand, fans who are hoping to see Tess Monroe might be a little disappointed. Remember the competent employee who has had several divorces? It looks like Monroe will no longer be around in the next season. Unlike Henry, Sarah Clarke who plays Tess Monroe will not be returning for NCIS Season 14 according to reports.

But for Tony DiNozzo to no longer be around in the next season is a totally different story. Will NCIS be able to retain its followers now that DiNozzo is out?