CBS hit show NCIS Season 14 is only a few hours away to its premiere, and many will tune in since this is the first of the show to be without Special Agent Tony DiNozzo.

NCIS Season 14 episode 1 is titled Rogue. It will air on Tuesday (Sept. 20) at 8:00 pm on CBS. Stream it live or on demand via CBS All Access.

Here are things you may want to know before you pop the popcorn.

Warning: NCIS Season 14 spoilers ahead

New Agents

Three new agents will join the NCIS team this season. Clearly, one is not enough to fill the vacancy left by DiNozzo.

Special Agent Gibbs will struggle to find a replacement for DiNozzo. He will reject eight applicants who Special Agent Alex Quinn (Jennifer Esposito) recommended.  Alex will slam Gibbs for being too picky. He will instead ask Alex to “shadow” his team.

Special Agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) will be introduced in Episode 1. Undercover agent Torres disappeared six months ago while on an assignment in Argentina. He was presumed dead. MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves (Duane Henry) will come in this season, too. He first appeared in the Season 13 finale. Agent Reeves helped Gibbs and the team in solving a terror attack that killed former NCIS agent Ziva David.

Check out the NCIS Season 14 new trailer below.

A Wedding

Someone is tying the knot in NCIS Season 14. Many speculate that Agent Tim McGee (Sean Murray) will finally propose to his long-time girlfriend Delilah (Margo Harshman). It can be recalled that in the Season 13 finale, McGee bought an engagement ring for Delilah.

Fans are hoping that DiNozzo will drop by to congratulate his friend or probably attend the wedding.

New Roommates

Gibbs and his BFF FBI Agent Tobias C. Fornell (Joe Spano) will be roommates this season. Fornell will live with Gibbs while recuperating from injuries he sustained when he was fatally shot in Season 13. Showrunner Gary Glasberg assured this is going to be fun.

Gibbs Blast From The Past

In one episode this season, two Marines were beaten and one is fatally wounded, CBS wrote. The team headed to Gibbs’ hometown, Stillwater, Pennsylvania, to investigate.

The NCIS senior agent will soon find himself standing with the last person he wanted to see – his father Jackson Gibbs. Jackson is eager to impress the other NCIS agents, so he began spilling stories from Gibbs’ past including the story behind his son’s name.

NCIS Season 14 premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 20, at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.