NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 finally resumes airing this week after a short hiatus. Episode 4 is titled “Black Market,” and the spoilers and sneak peeks are already out.

According to the Episode 4 summary shared by, Nell Jones (Renee Felice Smith) will continue to join the team as a field agent. In the previous episode (The Queen’s Gambit), Nell showed off her impressive skills with hand-to-hand combat.

The character may have been stuck in the Ops room behind computer monitors for most of the past seven seasons, but now it’s her time to shine. Unfortunately, Nell on the field only means more bad news for Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah).

Kensi is still fighting for her life after getting injured in a helicopter crash at the start of the season. The Kensi-Deeks love story will likely still play a major role in this episode, as Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) waits for her to wake up so that he can propose properly.

Outside of the personal issues, the team will be investigating the poisoning of a Homeland Security agent. They will also be uncovering an operation involving counterfeit purses and stolen government funds.

The suspect looks to be a pretty Asian woman, as seen in the episode trailer. Despite Kensi’s absence, the trailer shows that Henrietta “Hetty” Lange (Linda Hunt) appears to be back at the helm. But for how long?

She was able to bargain with the Secretary of Defense in the last episode, so that she can be given more time to get to the bottom of a security breach in the agency. It remains to be seen if the team can help her solve the problem, or if she will be forced to resign.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 4 titled “Black Market” will air on Sunday, Oct 16. The show airs at 8:00 pm ET on CBS.

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