Do you want to see Kevin Durant dawning the San Antonio Texas look? You might want to get used to the idea of him gracing the AT&T Center turf.

Trade rumours are such that we couldn’t help exploring the infinite possibilities especially when the stakes are high. As per the Fox Sports reports, Kevin Durant’s upcoming “free agency” has been the No. 1 “storyline” in the NBA.  The salary cap has been rising and it may jump from $70 million to $92 million this summer.

So whom do you think Kevin would possibly choose? Well, he could go for the Golden State Warriors and formulate the most unbeatable partnership with Steph Curry. Fox Sports also notes that he may possibly choose Oklahoma City Thunder over anyone else. But speculations know no boundaries. Many believed that he may actually move to his hometown to join the Washington Wizards or even land up with the Boston Celtics. That’s quite a lot to grasp isn’t it?

Now, think about his chance with the Spurs. The only team behind the Warriors, toughest team to beat at home, and one of the best NBA stats this season. That will be a tempting offer he can’t refuse especially when Gregg Popovich makes a deal.

The source terms it “not so ridiculous” a deal after all. FoxSports in their article quotes, “San Antonio has rebuilt its dynasty, but rival executives believe the Spurs will explore ways of adding Durant to the mix, and the franchise’s culture makes it intriguing.”

“It’s the Spurs! No, they don’t have enough cap room at this very moment, but they can somewhat easily shed enough salary to afford Durant if he is really interested in teaming up with Leonard, Aldridge and Gregg Popovich.”

According to Yahoo Sports, the battle to gain Kevin Durant doesn’t start until July this summer. But what do Kevin has to say about the recent rumours?

After Oklahoma’s win over the Celtics, Kevin said, “Look, we like each other.”

“We like playing with each other. We like being around each other. Sometimes it comes down to basketball. Sometimes, X’s and O’s are the reason you lose games. It’s not always leadership issues or camaraderie issues; sometimes other teams just play better basketball than you. But we love each other.”

Well, we shall have to wait and see how the rumours play out in the future. Until then stay tuned for all the latest updates on the upcoming NBA trade mix.