Speculations involving DeMarcus Cousins are creating a stir in the NBA world.

According to these rumors, the Sacramento Kings are planning to let go of the player. In their plans to rebuild their team, the Inquisitr reported that the Kings are prepared to trade DeMarcus Cousins for Los Angeles Lakers’ second overall pick in the NBA Draft this June.

The LA Lakers were nervous before the NBA Draft Lottery because if the lottery results did not turn to their favor, they could lose their lottery pick to the Sixers. This was part of the Lakers’ agreement in getting Steve Nash. Fortunately, the Lakers will be getting one of the top players in the draft.

After several years, the Philadelphia 76ers were finally given the first pick of the draft. They will have the chance to acquire either Brandon Ingram or Ben Simmons. The Lakers would then have what the Sixers will not choose.

If the LA Lakers are not convinced with Ingram or Simmons, the two will have various choices as several NBA teams are interested in the players. Lakers manager Mitch Kupchak might be able to convince a franchise to give up a player for the chance to take  either Ingram or Simmons.

Although DeMarcus Cousins has proved himself as a good NBA player, the Kings may be willing to give him up for a newer player. Cousins has failed to get along with coach George Karl, earning Cousins the reputation of being a rebel.

Kings manager Vlade Divac wants to start anew for the franchise. He has already employed Dave Joerger from the Memphis Grizzlies. Divac has stated that he would not trade Cousins this season but if the right offer was given, he would be certain to take the chance.

According to CBS Sports, DeMarcus Cousins can be a great addition to the Lakers as power center.