After Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving seems to be the talk of the town. Trade rumours are such that we couldn’t help exploring the infinite possibilities especially when the stakes are high.

Kevin Durant’s upcoming “free agency” has already been the No. 1 “storyline” in the NBA.  The salary cap has been rising and it may jump from $70 million to $92 million this summer. But Kyrie Irving’s free agency is not part of the discussion here.

As per the Yibada reports, Cleveland Cavaliers are facing tough challenges from Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors. Their “road” to the “NBA Finals” doesn’t look smooth as well. According to the source, rumours have it that Toronto Raptors are ready to “steal” Kyrie Irving.

The source quotes, “The talent is never a question, as their assembly of stars continues to be one of the most enviable in the league. However, their team chemistry needs to be addressed, specifically LeBron James and the other stars of the team, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.”

Rumours also suggest that LeBron James might also find himself in the trade mix, should the Cavs fail to produce winning performances.

There ample reasons for us to deduce conclusions of Irving’s fate. Kyrie Irving is not a “pass-first” point guard and  Chris Haynes of notes that players are getting “tired” of him. He writes in the blog, “Players are growing tired of Irving’s inability to not only register a proper amount of assists at the lead guard position but also to just move the ball.”

“Did Irving pass more than once? Of course, but only when he was forced to do so. At one point in the second quarter, he dribbled relentlessly for 24 seconds and went nowhere.”

The SB Nation notes that all is not good between Irving and James. Rumours of animosity between the two have often surfaced.

The source also notes that Irving could be a better fit in teams like the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs.

Well, there is much news to be updated. Stay tuned for more on Irving’s trade development.