The fire of Kevin Durant’s move to the Golden State Warriors is slowly dying down. Now, the NBA trade rumors spotlight is trained on Russell Westbrook and his potential future after OKC.

After KD’s move, most sports analysts agreed that the Oklahoma City Thunder’s logical move is to trade Westbrook. With Durant gone, analysts perceived that Westbrook won’t re-sign with the Thunder. Hence, trading Westbrook is a way to minimize their losses.

Now, with Westbrook becoming more and more available, potential teams for the Thunder star emerged.

NBA trade rumors: Where to, Westbrook?

Matt Brooke of CBS Sports details that there are three possible moves OKC could do with regard to Westbrook. There’s going all out to keep him, there’s waiting for the deadline or next season, then there’s trading him immediately. Out of these options, Moore details that trading Westbrook immediately could secure the highest returns for the team.

Consequently, the article lists eight trading partners for OKC. Namely, the potential teams are: the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks, Minnesota Timberwolves, Houston Rockets, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

From these teams, the Boston Celtics stands out as the favorite and most likely destination for Westbrook. The article cites the Celtics’ current standing in the franchise and their assets as potential motivation to aim for him. In turn, the availability of players that the Celtics have to offer also emerges as potential appeal for the Thunder to partner with them.

Other teams in the list, meanwhile, make it for a variety of factors. One of the reasons cited is team chemistry, as is the case of most on the list. Westbrook could be paired with a number of players, like Chris Paul if he be traded to the Rockets.

Another reason is Westbrook’s personal choice. If he ever consider playing for his home city, then the Lakers emerges as a likely candidate.

Nevertheless, no matter how likely these teams are in being Westbrook’s destination, everything remains rumors for now.

There’s still the remote possibility that the Thunder could make room to retain Westbrook. Bobby Marks of Yahoo! Sports offers a rundown of these steps for OKC.

Stay tuned for future developments/updates on this and other NBA trade rumors.