The 2016-17 NBA pre-season games have already started but aside from it, NBA fans are excited with the opening of the new NBA season that will begin in a couple of weeks from now. However, there’s no stopping with the NBA Trade Rumors to make the fans more excited to see players moving to another team in this year’s NBA season.

According to the latest NBA Trade Rumors shared by The Inquisitr, there is a blockbuster deal still in work and reports are saying it involves three teams and seven players. News came up, and the said deal is between the Lakers and Bulls that would involve Jimmy Butler.

The three teams said to be involved are the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and the New Orleans Pelicans. The trade scenario would be, the Lakers will bring in shooting guard Jimmy Butler from Bulls.

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In return, the Bulls will acquire power forward Anthony Davis from New Orleans while the Pelicans will get five players as a result of the trade. These include Lakers rookie Brandon Ingram, point guards D’Angelo Russell and Jose Calderon and Bulls power forward Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis.

As per the report made by Sportsrageous, the Lakers are looking for an identity for the replacement of Kobe Bryant who recently retired. With Butler on their team, he would be the perfect replacement for the place of Byrant. Despite they have to give three of their players, Butler is a great addition to the team making the Lakers to be the winner in the rumored trade.

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Meanwhile, the rumored trade could get the approval from the NBA since trading is bound legal under its guidelines. However, despite having Butler in the rumored trade, Lakers should think twice to consider the trade because they will give up three of their potential future NBA All-Stars.

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