Despite NBA Trade rumors Philadelphia 76ers is keen to trade for Boston Celtics No. 3 pick, Celtics decided to keep their pick. NBA Trade rumors has it that despite Boston Celtics getting No. 3 NBA Draft pick Jaylen Brown, Philadelphia 76ers is still set to get Brown for their team.

NBA Draft pick No 3 Jaylen Brown stands 6’7 who as a small forward has shown enough skills to be one of the first picks. Aside from Philadelphia 76ers, the 19-year old forward should feel flattered that even Chicago Bulls is negotiating for his trade.

CBS Sports has reported that Philadelphia 76ers and Chicago Bulls were not letting up in the trade talks minutes up to the NBA Draft 2016.

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News first broke out about the NBA Trade rumors Philadelphia 76ers’ trade talk when Marc Stein of ESPN tweeted of the franchise’ efforts.

Though Boston Celtics has already kept its No. 3 draft pick, Celtics still has 7 other draft picks for the run. Nobody is expecting the Celtics will keep all of its picks. Due to this, the NBA trade rumors Philadelphia 76ers is mounting their next move.

Dangling an attractive option of trading Nerlens Noel which the 76ers think will help Celtics in their game, Philadelphia hopes of finally getting their hands on Jaylen Brown, Celtics Blog notes.

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If Celtics takes Noel, they will have a big man to cover their defense from the ring side. Noel’s playing stats also speaks greatly for his defensive skills. His current average blocks is 1.7 while his steals are at the 1.8 average. At a young age of 22, Nerlens Noel certainly still has a huge room for improvement.

Jahlil Okafor is another option the Philadelphia 76ers is looking to trade for the no. 3 pick though reports have surfaced that Danny Ainge is unlikely to take Okafor for the trade.

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Meanwhile, the Philadelphia 76ers will have to be contented right now of taking the No. 1 draft pick for 2016, Australian Ben Simmons.

The 19-year old has made his mark in his college career, being dubbed as the one-and-done phenom of LSU.