According to reports, the Boston Celtics could be trading players with the Atlanta Hawks and the Denver Nuggets. Apparently, Danny Ainge, the team’s general manager, has been trying to acquire Hawks’ power forward Paul Millsap and Denver’s Kenneth Faried.

Trading Paul Millsap could be one of the steps the Hawks would take if they want to rebuild their team, considering Al Horford and Jeff Teague are now in other teams. Although Millsap’s contract states that he still has two years left with the Hawks, he has a player option when the coming season ends.

For some players, being included on the trading block is disrespectful. On the other hand, Millsap welcomes this opportunity and would respect whatever decision the Hawks might make.

“I don’t think anyone is OK with it but it is what it is,” Millsap points out. “You have to accept it for what it is. I’m an Atlanta Hawk. I will be until further notice. I’m going to put everything on the floor to help this team and this community win.”

Trade rumors state that Ainge is also attempting to acquire Denver’s Kenneth Faried. The Inquisitr also reports that the Denver Nuggets have been trying to trade Faried all this time so they could renew their team.

Accordingly, Boston Celtics believes that Faried would be the best choice for the team’s power forward position alongside Horford. Or Faried and Horford could also be a good pair on the team’s defensive while Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder are handling the wings.

The Inquisitr reports that the Denver Nuggets have been trying to trade Faried so they could renew their team. The Celtics could also trade Kelly Olynyk or Amir Johnson with the Nuggets. Johnson and Olynyck could be the best choice for the Nuggets’ power forward position.