It is still the peak of NBA free agency and the NBA trade rumors fire isn’t dying anytime soon.

Biggest news of the free agent season is the confirmation of Kevin Durant signing with the Golden State Warriors. Him leaving OKC gained more buzz than the others since basketball fans were divided with his then potential decision.

On one hand, die-hard fans of Durant wanted him to stay with OKC. Believing in his skills, this group didn’t want the 2014 MVP to succumb to the notion of “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Most of his fans thought that he was better than that mentality.

NBA Free Agency 2016: What We Know So Far

On the other hand, a part of the basketball fans population were excited to see how the Warriors would fare with Durant. With GSW’s exemplary performance this season, a big man like Durant added to their roster pegs the team as superb. Also, many perceived the potential duo between Durant and Stephen Curry as unstoppable.

Although the debate is sure to go on, no one can neglect the fact that Durant is now with the Golden State Warriors.

NBA trade buzz: Westbrook out of OKC?

Now that Durant officially left the Thunder, analysts are quick to jump on the implications this has for the team.

Dieter Kurtebach of Fox Sports offers a glaring projection. According to him, OKC should trade Rusell Westbrook as soon as possible.

Kurtenbach’s major point is this: without Durant, OKC won’t be a team with a big chance for championship. The writer does not dismiss the fact that OKC is still a gifted team. However, with Durant gone, Westbrook’s skill and that of his teammates still won’t be enough to bring the Thunder to the finals.

Hence, Kurtenbach projects that it would be “foolish” of Westbrook to sign a long-term extension with OKC. The thought is, it would be smarter for OKC to trade Westbrook now than later.

A report by Brian Windhorst of ESPN seems to coincide with Kurtenbach’s analysis. The piece cites that “multiple league executives … believe the Thunder will consider fielding trade offers for Westbrook.”

Without any official confirmation, this remains one of those buzz-worthy NBA trade rumors. Time will tell how the Oklahoma City Thunder handles Durant’s departure.