NBA trade rumors linked to the Los Angeles Lakers are now looking towards Russell Westbrook. This is after they faced rejection from now Warriors player Kevin Durant.

After Durant left Oklahoma Thunder City, its elite players may start leaving with Westbrook. While Westbrook still has a year with OKC, General Manager Sam Presti needs to determine whether it’s wiser to move Westbrook. This will have OKC profit now rather than lose him for nothing.

As Durant made a shocking move to Golden State Warriors playing his free agent card, OKC is now faced with either making Westbrook promise to stay or trade him for profit.

Meanwhile, as Lakers recover from the sting of Durant’s rejection, they will now be looking to the next option. While Durant was a promising player to sign, Russell Westbrook is an equally appealing option.

He hails from Los Angeles and played for UCLA. He then was picked as a 4th overall draft during the first round of NBA 2008 Draft Pick.

From the Los Angeles Lakers’ side, things have gone downhill after Kobe Bryant’s retirement. After Lakers lost a legend from their roster, they are looking for another A-list basketball player for the team. And the likeliest choice for them is none other than Westbrook.

Meanwhile, looking at Sam Presti’s past moves, he might likely make a trade with the Lakers more than any other team, The Washington Post notes. If Sam trades Westbrook in exchange for young players, OKC will still have a strong base of experienced players in D’Angelo Russell and Brandon Ingram. Meanwhile, Lakers can use Russell Westbrook’s elite status as a magnet for free agents looking for a move next year.

Thus, Russell Westbrook going to Los Angeles Lakers would not be so bad. He will be helping OKC gain young blood while moving onto an established team and continuing a legend’s legacy. Russell Westbrook will have a top spot waiting for him at Los Angeles Lakers.

While OKC GM Sam Presti and Russell Westbrook have not made a move, NBA trade rumors will continue to circulate as to whether Westbrook gets a trade or stays.