Dwyane Wade goes cryptic after news of Kevin Durant’s signing with Golden State Warriors. This further fuels NBA trade rumors that Wade might not be staying with his current team Miami Heat.

Dwyane Wade is currently negotiating his next contract with Miami Heat. Reports say Miami Heat has offered Wade a two-year contract amounting to $40 million (AU$53 million).

When the free agency negotiation started, Miami Heat initially pursued Kevin Durant first while they kept Dwyane Wade’s contract on the sidelines. However, as Durant signed with Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat is now compelled to go back and woo Wade.

However, it seems Wade is not so ecstatic. Given his contract and Miami Heat’s conduct, Wade may have felt lukewarm efforts from his team in convincing him to stay. Though his tweet did not mention anything, it did fuel NBA trade rumors that he might look into other teams.

Relationships being the operative word, Dwyane Wade’s close friendship with Cleveland Cavaliers’ team captain LeBron James comes to mind. Between playing side by side with his friend and being taken for granted, Wade might be persuaded to do the former. Though Wade or the Cleveland Cavaliers have not said anything about the possible switch courtesy of a free agency, Wade’s cryptic tweet ought to make Miami Heat think twice.

While Kevin Durant has made his choice, Dwyane Wade still has other teams looking to get him that will give him a bigger paycheck. NBA trade rumors indicate that Denver Nuggets and Milwaukee Bucks are on the lookout for Wade to join them.

Miami Heat may need to start re-thinking their offer with Wade’s leverage in place. Dwyane Wade, in an effort to help Miami Heat and their salary caps, has worked with them in the past. He even signed short-term contracts for flexibility purposes. However, as times have changed, Wade may finally test the free agency landscape.

Dwyane Wade has been with Miami Heat for 13 seasons now. His last season saw him make an average of 19 points, 4.6 assists and 4.1 rebounds. He has also figured in the NBA All-Star for 12 consecutive seasons. Time will tell whether Wade will be able to work out a contract with Miami Heat again or we’ll see him in a new team next season.