NBA trade rumors might be slowing down but for Chicago Bulls’ Taj Gibson, it’s just becoming interesting. After Pau Gasol’s departure, Taj Gibson looks left out of the Bulls’ play.

With Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers’ confirmation Griffin is staying, Taj Gibson’s stay is still not secure with his team. Blake Griffin’s trade earmarked Taj Gibson and Nikola Mirotic as potential trade options to replace Blake Griffin in the Clippers.

Now, Taj Gibson finds himself at the center of a fresh wave of NBA trade rumors. Despite his productive season, incoming Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo sees Gibson pushed back to the end of the line.

With ball-hogging players, the 31-year old power forward can also look forward to a season full of bench time. Despite his fantastic production last season, Gibson’s skill set is just filled up by new teammates with more elite status. Being on the bench does not also spell a first backup option for Gibson. With sophomore players eager to show their strength on the court, he will have to fight for his playing time.

With his defensive skill set, he’s just in the wrong team with an oversupply of what he has to offer.

At the other side of the NBA trade rumors, there is Sacramento Kings looking to use their trade option one last time before their offensive player, Rudy Gay goes up for free agency next year.

The trade of Rudy Gay offers a lucrative solution for Chicago Bulls who desperately needs to fill their shooting gap. Meanwhile, the Sacramento Kings will win a leader in the veteran power forward. With a relatively young team, the Kings need a guide in the court who will lead the team. Gibson’s defensive skills which are in oversupply over at the Bulls will also be welcome. With Gibson holding up the defense, DeMarcus Cousins can concentrate bringing the offense.

Aside from the trade, Taj Gibson’s removal will also clear some salary cap space to the tune of $2.1 million (AU$2.7 million). Though no word from both camps have been released yet, expect these NBA trade rumors to circulate up and until the last minute of the free agency season.