Two big teams are looking to place LA Clippers’ Blake Griffin in their roster. According to reports, the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers are eyeing the 27-year-old power forward for Los Angeles.

Apparently, the Cleveland Cavaliers were previously considering Oklahoma City Thunder player Russell Westbrook but they have changed their mind and now wants Blake Griffin on their team. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bulls is rumored to consider snagging Griffin in exchange for Taj Gibson and Nikola Mirotic.

However, it’s most likely Griffin would go for Chicago Bulls. Rumors reveal that they could make a deal with the LA Clippers very soon. As the team is increasingly becoming more competitive once again, they see Griffin as a formidable addition to their roster and is the key to overthrowing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference race.

Trading Griffin also seems like a good decision for the Los Angeles Clippers. Rumors reveal that the Clippers want to trade the athlete because of his fights and injuries in the previous season.

Moreover, the Los Angeles Clippers could also benefit from having Taj Gibson or Nikola Mirotic. Christian Today states that the Clippers see Gibson or Mirotic as the answer to increasing the team’s overall defensive capabilities. Essentially, the team’s performance could become better once Griffin is out.

In January, Griffin repeatedly punched Clippers’ assistant equipment manager Matias Testi.  Reports say that the Clippers long-time employee got into a fight with Griffin during dinner at a restaurant in Toronto.

Griffin suffered a hand injury and underwent surgery while Testi was left with a severely swollen face. Griffin was suspended for four games and got $859,442 reduction in pay.

This Wednesday, the Clippers confirmed that Testi is no longer working for them. The team’s spokesman said Clippers would not comment on why Testi left the team.