The NBA trade rumors about Blake Griffin are still raging. With Chicago Bulls in the picture, the Los Angeles  Clippers are forced more than ever to consider trading Griffin before the season starts.

Chicago Bulls’ Trading Position

After surprising deals with Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo, the Bulls are now committed to strengthening their team with youth and athleticism as guide posts. From its current roster, the Bulls are well poised with perimeter shooters in Wade and Rondo.

Meanwhile, Taj Gibson and Nikola Mirotic are up on the Bulls trading plate, Sports Rageous notes. After Noah and Gasol left the team, Taj Gibson looks out of place. Mirotic, on the other hand, has had a depressing season. These guys give the Bulls enough trading leverage.

The addition of Wade and Rondo does not address the lack of young blood in the team. This is where Blake Griffin comes in.

Los Angeles Clippers’ Stand

The Los Angeles Clippers managed to play last season with Griffin missing from most of the games. Their Big Three was chipped, what with Griffin’s injury and distasteful court behavior. However, one thing the Clippers learned is that they can play and survive without Griffin. Though Griffin has that potential and his statistics still shine despite missing majority of the games, there is also the threat of free agency looming in.

The Clippers may also stand to lose Griffin for nothing next year if Griffin decides to leave on free agency basis.

NBA Trade Rumors for Blake Griffin

Thus far, Chicago Bulls is the most recent team that has looked into a Blake Griffin deal.

Boston Celtics first put Blake’s name on the trading board. Meanwhile, there is also speculation that the Cleveland Cavaliers may also make a play for a Griffin trade in exchange for Kevin Love.

Though no official word has come out, the Clippers has a job to do, and that is figure out which path is the best way for them to take on Griffin’s case. Though the young player still has a lot of promise in his game, his injury stands in the way. If other teams are offering for skilled players who will boost their current roster, how can the Clippers say no?