The NBA trade rumors mill has now focused on Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers. The 27-year-old power forward has been down and out for most of the games last season.

He only appeared in 35 games, suffered from an excruciating injury and quarreled with a training staff. Despite the lackluster season, Blake Griffin’s record cannot be denied. He is a a five-time All Star player. Normally, he would have pulled double playing statistics while in season. However, the slew of unfortunate incidents that hounded him last season has put Griffin in a difficult position.

After the Los Angeles Clippers’ second round exit last season, Doc Rivers is thinking twice about his Big Three composed of Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin. While he had high hopes for the LA Clippers’ core players, last season’s outcome was disappointing for Doc Rivers.

NBA trade rumors floated midseason that the Los Angeles Clippers were considering trading Blake Griffin. However, it appeared that the rumors were unfounded. Come offseason, Griffin’s name came up again. This time, the Boston Celtics noticed Blake Griffin.

NBA trade rumors picked up Celtics looking into getting Blake Griffin as a partner for Al Horford, Bleacher Report notes, thus putting Griffin’s name in the NBA trade rumors mill.

With Blake Griffin on the Celtics’ team, the defense will enjoy a pick-and-roll man in their team. Griffin also offers impeccable free throw shot opportunities that will see Boston Celtics’ free throw statistics rise.

With 30-year-old Al Horford and Isaiah Thomas, the Boston Celtics can enter a new age of defense for their team. While signing Al Horford was a great accomplishment for the Celtics and their defense strategy, Horford is at the peak of his career nearing his downhill.

With Blake Griffin’s tumultuous relationhip with the Los Angeles Clippers team, he is on the cusp of being let go. Despite being cast as part of the core team, his disappointing season may be enough for the Clippers to let him go.

Meanwhile, this spells a great trade for theBoston Celtics. While Blake Griffin’s last season statistics were dismal, the Celtics will be able to offer Griffin a new beginning and a chance to achieve his full potential.