After NBA trade rumors developed regarding Blake Griffin and his stay with the Los Angeles Clippers, Doc Rivers finally put down his foot.

Weeks ago, Blake Griffin’s name floated as a possible player up on the trading plate after last season’s dismal performance.

Due to an injury and an altercation, Blake Griffin appeared for a season low of 35 games. Despite this, his performance at his games showed he still had the athleticism required.

Last season, Blake Griffin posted an average of 21.4 points, 8.4 rebounds and 4.9 assists per game. Meanwhile, his injuries sustained in and out of the court crippled the Los Angeles Clippers. The team looks to Griffin when it comes to shooting, rebounding and playmaking.

Meanwhile, Boston Celtics saw Griffin as a potential addition to their defensive lineup. With Griffin’s addition to Al Horford and Isaiah Thomas, the Boston Celtics’ line of defense will be formidable.

Aside from the Celtics, Blake Griffin was also linked to a possible trade to last season’s champions Cleveland Cavaliers. The move would have had Griffin backing up LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. Meanwhile, the trade will produce an equally appealing choice for the Clippers in Kevin Love.

The Chicago Bulls was also part of the NBA trade rumors for Griffin. After an acquiring spree with Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo, Griffin being signed up became a possibility. Taj Gibson looked out of place and Nikola Mirotic had an underwhelming performance for the Bulls. Due to this, the two turned up as possible exchanges for Griffin.

Griffin’s stay in the Clippers court was finally confirmed last Wednesday. After assistant equipment manager Matias Testi’s departure from the team, it seemed the management has picked a side over the altercation months ago. The fistfight that happened in a restaurant had Griffin suspended for four games while Testi suffered blows to the face.

Doc Rivers confirmed on a podcast that there were no teams calling in to discuss a possible deal. It ended the NBA trade rumors regarding Blake Griffin’s trade. The LA Clippers proved they intended to keep their Big Three. That’s that for the NBA trade rumors about Blake Griffin for the free agency season. Blake Griffin is definitely staying.