Blake Griffin continues to be a hot topic for NBA trade rumors. This time, he is linked with Cleveland Cavaliers.

After a rather lackluster season with the Los Angeles Clippers and a crippling leg injury that had him benched, Blake Griffin is now finding himself the topic of NBA trade rumors.

Despite only playing in 35 games last season, Blake Griffin still managed to produce astounding results. He made 21.4 points, 8.4 rebounds and 4.9 assists per game.  His shooting efficiency was at a career high of 49.9% from the field overall. If Blake Griffin can produce these statistics while partially recovering from his injury, what more if he is fully recovered?

Aside from Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers has now shown interest in acquiring Blake Griffin. The Celtics’ interest generated enough NBA trade rumors for Griffin’s trade. After the rumors, Doc Rivers seemed to take a step back from the trading plate, Bleacher Report notes. With Cleveland Cavaliers’ potential offer including Kevin Love, Rivers and the LA Clippers will have a hard time choosing.

Though Griffin has had his worst season yet, he is still clearly on top of his game, even with his injury. If the Cleveland Cavaliers acquire Griffin, they will have a third man backing up LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. Griffin will also complement the Cavaliers in terms of shooting, rebounding and playmaking.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Clippers will also have to make a decision now or risk losing Griffin for free. As it stands, Griffin is on his last year with the Clippers. Blake Griffin will surely be confident as he hits free agency next offseason. If this offseason buzz is any indication, he will have teams giving him a great deal given his outstanding statistics.

Thus, Los Angeles Clippers and coach Doc Rivers may risk giving him up for a sizeable money while they still can. Instead of convincing Griffin to stay and hand him a bigger paycheck, the former looks like a better option. If the Cleveland Cavaliers give up Kevin Love who also struggled last season to produce good numbers for the team, the Clippers may just yet yield one of their Big Three.

If the switch happens, each player will simply fill in the vacated position, with Griffin launching himself into an elite group of forwards.