Houston Rockets’ center Dwight Howard is “Extremely Unhappy” as reported by respected NBA writer Chris Sheridan of sheridanhoops.com. He also mentioned that Howard’s unhappiness is due to “playing second fiddle to alpha dog James Harden.”

As per NJ, Sheridan said in a radio interview, “This story is 100 percent on the money.”

“Dwight is unhappy in Houston. They’re not using him properly. He hasn’t been happy for years. He thought going to LA was going to be a panacea for him and it wasn’t because he had to play second fiddle to Kobe Bryant with the Lakers,” Sheridan added.

“Then he came to the Rockets and the Rockets were able to get James Harden, so they got two great players, but they got two great players who can’t play well together. James Harden is too ball-dominant of a guard to be able to play effectively with Dwight Howard.”

“Look, James had an MVP-caliber season last year and the Rockets went to the Western Conference finals, but Dwight Howard wasn’t a big part of it. Whenever Dwight has been at this best, it’s been when he’s been the alpha dog.”

“He hasn’t been that since he was in Orlando. And now he’s on a team where there are five guys who have taken more shots. So he’s not their second fiddle. He’s their sixth fiddle. He’s not happy about it. … The guy’s unhappy. He doesn’t like playing with James Harden. That’s a fact.”

However, Howard during a post-match interview, exclaimed that these reports are “Lies and Rumors”.

As per the ESPN reports, Sheridan also predicted that Howard might be traded with the Miami Heats.

Retaliating to Howard’s reaction on the reports, Sheridan wrote,”There are no lies in my story.”

“This is not a rumor. There is a difference between a rumor and a news report. This is the latter, not the former.”