Nick Young has found himself amidst speculations over his stay at the Los Angeles Lakers. There are a number of trade rumors making the round and if reports are to be believed Memphis Grizzlies is looking to find a 3-point shooter and “offensively talented guard to help improve their lineup” notes the All About Rookies Sports Blog.

The talented guard may turn out to be Nick Young in this case and Memphis Grizzlies will be more than happy to rope in the talent. Though the Grizzlies side has been often viewed as one of the strongest teams coming from the West, the side has been going through a rough patch this season “which was just about summed up by a 10 point loss to the Utah Jazz”, quotes the Sports Blog.

Nick has been extremely impressive with his current form and is sharing significant time on the court with the Lakers this season. But the Los Angeles Lakers are looking to rebuild their team. With D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle having ample minutes on court, the Lakers are trying to furnish their future stars.

The Sports Blog also suggests that Young is taking up $5.5 million of the salary, so perhaps the “Lakers could move Young in the hope of opening up enough cap space to make some serious plays in free agency next year.”

Kobe Bryant will be retiring this season as he is currently struggling with his injuries. According to the official NBA site, when Byron Scott asked Kobe Bryant on how he would like to manage his minutes this season, Bryant replied that “there might not be one.”

“We’ve talked about it a few days ago. Talked about it again and his feeling was, `Coach, this might be my last year. So if possible I would like to try to play every game,”‘ Lakers head coach Scott said.

Nothing is confirmed as of yet whether Young will make a move or not. We have to wait for any official confirmation.