The most positively charged NBA trade speculation has arrived because not only one, but two Thunder stars are rumored to have set their sights on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Bleacher Report details that ESPN’s Stephen A Smith has revealed in a radio interview that both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook may move with the Los Angeles Lakers in the near future. According to the website, the radio interview — which was with ESPN Radio 710’s Mason and Ireland — featured Smith sharing a few reasons on why both Durant and Westbrook would consider a move with the Lakers.

Smith cites first that the Lakers have been “led to believe” that Westbrook is coming to the team next year. The rumored move by Westbrook is consequently attributed as the reason why Durant would also consider a move to Los Angeles.

New York Post further reports more of the things that Smith shared in the interview. Among his notable statements, Smith was quoted by the website as follows:

“This notion that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook ain’t tight, that they don’t want to play together, that is a lie. They love each other, and they love being on the same team. … And if it so happens to be in the L.A. market, all the better.”

Meanwhile, Lakers Nation does not fail to highlight that the Los Angeles Lakers are “in the midst of their worst stretch of futility in the history of the franchise,” so landing big names like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook would definitely offer hope for the future of the team.

However, the website also considers that the current status of the Lakers as “one of the worst teams in the league” right now makes it hard to believe that they can land a big name free agent like Durant.

Without any official confirmation, this idea is just mere speculation. However, it would be interesting to see whether both Durant or Westbrook — or even only one of them — would indeed sign on to be part of the Lakers.