No, this isn’t going to be an All-Star team. But, if Kevin Durant actually makes his way to the Champion Team, Golden State Warriors, things will be legendary.

As per the Christian Post reports, “Two of today’s NBA standouts are possibly leaving their long-time teams behind before the trade deadline in February.”

First, the Los Angeles Lakers are trying to hold on to Jordan Clarkson and second, Kevin Durant is believed to go for the Golden State Warriors.

If rumors are to be believed Oklahoma City Thunder small forward Kevin Durant is likely to make his way to the Golden State Warriors.

Chris Broussard of ESPN quotes, “At this point, everything is speculation. When you talk to some executives, a name that has been thrown will shock people – Golden State. Now, this is not something coming out Durant’s camp.There are those around the league that think Golden State is a possibility.”

Dan Feldman of NBC Sports states that nothing has been confirmed so far but Durant is likely to go for the Oakland based team. Although there might be other possibilities as well. Feldman’s report reads, “The Warriors could also try swapping Barnes for Durant in a dual sign-and-trade. That’d trigger a hard cap, but that’s the least of the complications. Durant, Barnes and the Thunder would all have to agree”

However, the salary cap might be an issue as the team is left with $90 Million salary cap while Durant’s salary stands at $30 Million already.

Whatever holds for Kevin Durant is likely to unfold before February. At least the idea of having Kevin Durant in the same team with Steph Curry sets off a pretty amazing excitement. The Durant-Curry tandem would be unstoppable.

The Golden State Warriors are in supreme form this season. The addition of Durant in the team will be something “legendary”.

Lets have a look at the current season stats of both Steph Curry and Kevin Durant.

Steph Curry Current Season Stats

Steph Curry, Guard, Golden State Warriors


29.7     5.5       6.4      20.7%

Kevin Durant Current Season Stats

Kevin Durant, Forward, Oklahoma City Thunder


26.6     7.4       4.6     19.4%