Will the Los Angeles Clippers trade Jamal Crawford to the Miami Heat? If reports are to be believed, the Clippers are weighing every opportunity to trade Crawford if the right player is available. So who is that potential trade piece? Is it Gerald Green?

The Clippers side are surely struggling this season and they are looking to take any advantage in their favor to turn the tables on their side. The rumors state that they are willing to trade Crawford for the much needed change in their side.

According to Yibada, “Sam Amico of Fox Sports revealed on Twitter that the Clippers are ‘making some exploratory calls’ and are trying to survey the league if there are any available assets.”

The Clipperholics.com quotes Steve Kyler of Basketball Insider as he details some further insights into the matter. The report reads, “The Clippers have been up and down all season and have lost five of their last 10 games. Amid reports of infighting in the locker room, it seems the Clippers may be open to a splashy move if one surfaces.”

“Sources close to the situation continue to say the Clippers are being opportunistic – saying if a solid player becomes available they’d do a deal – however, league sources say the Clippers may be more desperate than they’ll admit, sensing that a major change is needed.”

Jamal Crawford did show some potential against the Detroit Pistons scoring 37-points, but his defense look weak and his shot selection is way off mark. He is a good offense but the Clippers feel that his abilities are best suited for other teams right now.

Coming back to Gerald Green, he could be the “three-and-D guy”  for the Clippers as they need someone like him pretty badly. Sources suggest that his athleticism and versatility might pitch him above Lance Stephenson and Paul Pierce.

Crawford had previously expressed his displeasure regarding the Clipper’s new set of line-up. He seems kind of defunct in the Doc Rivers’ system right now.